In-Person Classic Lash Extension Course

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  • Eyelash anatomy and Lash growth cycle
  • Signs of stress on natural lashes, lash lice, and what causes natural lashes to fall out
  • Mink vs. Silk Lashes
  • Lash length, thickness, and curls
  • Hand positioning and tweezer handling
  • Adhesive theory, laser primer theory
  • Isolation techniques
  • Prepping your client, lash mapping and lash extension application
  • Safety, disinfecting your tools, and sanitation
  • Aftercare techniques
  • Eyelash removal techniques
  • Handling allergies, reactions, and sensitivities


Excited to begin your lash career? The classic lash course has everything you need to set you on the right path! You’ll learn the fundamentals of installing eyelash extensions that your clients will love.

You’ll learn Angels’ Dream’s unique way of adding a single lash extension to your client’s natural eyelashes. The classic will teach you how to create the perfect look according to the client’s eye shape.

Get hands-on practice with your free kit using a mannequin or live model to master the techniques you just learned.

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