In-Person Classic Lash Extension Course

Kickstart your lash career with classic

Excited to begin your lash career? The classic lash course has everything you need to set you on the right path! You’ll learn the fundamentals and basics of installing eyelash extensions that your clients will love.

You’ll learn Angels’ Dream’s unique way of adding a single lash extension to your client’s natural eyelashes. The classic will teach you how to create the perfect look according to the client’s eye shape.

Get hands-on practice with your free kit using a mannequin or live model to master the techniques you just learned. 

Angel’s Dream lash educators have over 17+ years of combined industry experience. Combine this with your certification, and lifetime education support, you will be confident and excited to launch your lash business. Certified students will get access to refresher courses and discounts.

Excited to kickstart your lash career?

Class Schedules : January 2&3 at Robert Fiance Beauty School in West New York, NJ

What you will learn

What you will learn at Lash Academy

Lash course Starts at 9 am ends at 6 pm (two 30m breaks) Please note that this schedule is for two days

  • Lesson Plan booklet
  • Practice Mannequin
  • Lash extensions
  • Lash Adhesive
  • Lash Primer
  • Tweezers
  • Lid tape
  • Mapping Eye Pads
  • Lash Brush
  • Lash Cleanser
  • Lash Shampoo
  • Lash Water bottle

Payment via Paypal/CreditCard

  • Beginners looking to kickstart their lash career
  • Stylists looking to provide an additional service to clients

Classic Lash Certification Journey

Enroll – Purchase your course, receive a welcome email, and select your preferred training date.

Show up Live – Come to our campus for on-site 2 days of extensive training and practice with our experienced lash educators.

Hand-on Practice – Using your free kit alongside a live model or mannequin practice and practice to master the hybrid lash application techniques.

Certification – Our lash educators will test and supervise your lash lift on a live model or mannequin, and evaluate you in other areas as well. Once we’re satisfied, we will issue your certificate.

Keep Getting Better – The learning process doesn’t stop with the class. Keep practicing to get better and better. Our lifetime educational support is open to every certified student. Take advantage of other courses in the academy to level up your lash skills and business.

Level Up Your Lash Skill and Career

Advance your skill and career with the next courses in the academy

Meet Your Lash Educators

Angelica Luciano - Angel's Dream Lash Academy


People say I’m funny as hell.
Maria - Angel;s Dream Lash Academy


I can never keep one hair color for more than six months.

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