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In-Person Classic Lash Extension Course

Learn the basics, install like the pros.

“Immerse yourself in the art of lash extensions with our comprehensive in-person course. Led by industry professionals, this hands-on program provides an intimate setting for you to learn and perfect the techniques of applying eyelash extensions. From mastering adhesive application to perfecting the placement of individual lashes, our instructors will guide you through every step, ensuring you gain proficiency and confidence in this sought-after beauty skill. Experience personalized feedback and real-time demonstrations, all within a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Join us and unlock the potential to create stunning lash looks while building a solid foundation for a successful career in the beauty industry.”

Just the perfect course to get you to learn the basics, master the Angels’ Dream unique technique, and get you excited and confident to lash.

Hybrid Lash Extension

In-Person Hybrid Lash Certification

Turn Up The Volume. Grow Your Business

Ever wondered why Hollywood stars always have beautiful and long natural lashes? The secret is in our Hybrid Lash Course.

“Experience the best of both worlds with our innovative hybrid lash extension course, designed to accommodate diverse learning styles. This unique program seamlessly integrates in-person workshops with convenient online modules. Led by seasoned professionals, the in-person sessions provide a hands-on approach where you’ll practice and refine your lash extension techniques under expert guidance. Meanwhile, our comprehensive online resources offer flexibility, allowing you to review materials, watch tutorials, and deepen your understanding at your own pace. This hybrid model ensures you receive personalized attention during face-to-face sessions while having the convenience of accessing supplementary materials anytime, anywhere. Elevate your skills and convenience with this hybrid learning experience, tailored for the modern learner aspiring to master the art of lash extensions.”

Hybrid lashes will give your client volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look that can last up to 8 weeks. It’s great for those clients with sparse natural lashes, looking to add density and length to their lashes.

Angel's Dream Lash Academy - Lash Extension Refresher Course

Classic / Hybrid Lash Extension Refresher Course

Advance your skills, lash confidently

“Revitalize your lash extension expertise with our specialized refresher course, designed to fine-tune and update your skills in the dynamic world of lash artistry. Whether you’re looking to refresh your technique, stay updated with the latest trends, or refine your application methods, this course is crafted for you. Led by seasoned instructors, this program dives deeper into advanced techniques, troubleshooting common issues, and perfecting the nuances of lash application. Through hands-on practice, personalized feedback, and access to cutting-edge industry insights, this refresher course ensures you regain confidence and elevate your proficiency to meet the ever-evolving standards of the lash extension industry. Join us to reignite your passion and excel in the art of creating stunning lash looks.”


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