Angel's Dream Lash Academy

2-Day In-Person Classic Lash Extension Course

Discover How You Can Be Your Own Boss, Get Repeat Clientele and Run Your Lash Business Even If You’re A Beginner.

I was struggling.

Had no retirement plan.

Was going through a divorce, and to cap it all was a single mom to 2 small beautiful children.

I was living from paycheck to paycheck.

I died inside every time I had to say no to my kids for something important they wanted, cos there wasn’t enough money.

I felt like I had no purpose, and was just trying to get by day-to-day.

At that point in my life, I would say I almost hit rock bottom…

But, regardless of all this, I wanted something better for myself. Better for my kids!

I wanted to become my own boss and make enough money to live life on my terms.

With fear in my heart, and not knowing what the future held,

I started my own lash business from my small apartment in NJ.

This my friend was the beginning of a blossoming and satisfying career.

It was all I had always wanted but was just too afraid to start.

The smile on my clients faces after they leave with their lashes done,

The shine in their eyes when they look in the mirror to see their beautiful faces.

That feeling you get when you know another woman just like you got your back.

It is a satisfying feeling I tell you.

But apart from making women look beautiful, becoming a lash artist also had these perks.

The Most Flexible Hours Ever
Make Great Part-Time Money

Be Your
Own Boss

Work from the privacy of your own home
Ability to Travel to Clients
And above all…  
More time for my kids, family, friends, and fun

Dear friend,

Imagine not having to live your life paycheck to paycheck.

Not going to that 9-5 you don’t love

Having the ability to give your kids the good things in life

Set up their college fund

Pay off that debt

Buy a home

Save for retirement, and leave life on your terms.

Imagine what an extra 42k to 50k yearly would do for you right now…

This is why I have put together the Angels Dream Lash Academy 2-day In-Person Classic Lash Extension Course to help you achieve this and give you a career you’d love.

Don’t know anything about lash extensions?

Never had lashes on?

Never lashed before?


This 2-day classic lash course was designed with you in mind. It will teach you everything you need to know about how to start and build your successful lash business.

For two days, I’ll hold your hands and you’ll learn from someone who has a perfect 5-star review.

You’ll learn all my strategies, techniques, and best-kept secrets on how I run my lash business.

For just an enrollment fee of $1200 girl, you’re in!

But here’s the sweetest part…

Because I understand the struggles, and I made a promise to myself to empower women just like me, we offer a payment plan!



What You’ll Learn In Class

Ssssh – You also get lunch both days and a FREE Lash Kit to practice. Ready to be your own boss!

Course Value – $1200
 Get 30%OFF – Pay $840

What you will learn at Lash Academy

It wasn’t always rosy

Trust me, it wasn’t always that rosy, this I can tell you.

Looking back, I made lots of mistakes because there was no support system, and a mentor to guide me.

After getting my lash certification, I was left to myself, just like a young lion left all alone after being born.

Did I survive? Yes, but not without scars and time lost.

But you won’t have to go that route. You won’t be left to figure it out on your own.

Upon certification, you’ll be added to the Angel’s Dream Lash Alumni Community, a private Facebook group where you’ll have lifetime support and mentorship from myself and other lash stylists.

These are inspiring entrepreneurial women who will build your confidence and motivate you to become the best lash technician you can be.

By getting certified the Angel’s Dream way, you’ll also avoid making these mistakes which I see a lot of lash stylists make.

Taking a hybrid lash course before taking the classic course
Applying too much glue
Knowing when to send women away when their lashes are not ready

These mistakes can cost you your lash business.

It’s not their fault at the end of the day. The fault lies in the instructor.

But, you won’t be making these, cause you have a support system to guide you.

In addition, as a certified student of Angel’s Dream Lash Academy, you’ll also get access to refresher courses, and lifetime discounts.

Ready to become a sought-after lash stylist and live the life of your dreams? Get on board now.

See What Past Students Are Saying!

Join Now for Only $840


Do I need to be vaccinated to take your lash course?
No. However, a negative test needs to be turned in on the day of the training. Also, your model for day two will need to turn in a negative test.
Do I have to be licensed to attend training?
Every state has its own regulations. New Jersey State requires a cosmetology License, RN (registered nurse), or an esthetician license. Some states don’t. Be sure to check your state laws. For New Jersey, you can find more details here
Do you offer financing options?
Yes, we do. Kindly reach out to us via email at or call 973-638-1202.
Is a lash kit included in the enrollment fee?
Yes, a free lash kit is included.
Where is the Academy located?
We are located in Little Fall, NJ.
What if I don’t feel confident when the course is done?
We can guarantee that after the course, you’ll be able to lash confidently, and rock and roll your lash business. The Angel’s Dream Lash Academy Alumni Facebook Group is also there to keep you in the loop where you’re free to ask questions or concerns with other artists.
Do I need to bring a model?
You are required to bring a model for practice. But if you don’t have a model, you can practice on a mannequin.
Is it time for me to start my own lash business?
If you’re reading this right now, it’s time. You can start full-time or even part-time. We recommend you learn from our experts before starting a Lash Business.
Do students receive discounts on your products online?
Yes. Certified students will get access to refresher courses, discounts, and lifetime support.

Meet Angelica

I’m an ambitious, responsible and strong-minded person. Throughout the years I’ve become an expert in the Lash Extension industry. I started doing lash extension 15years ago and I haven’t stopped since. It’s like crocheting for me. I want to show my students what I have learned throughout the years and also the right way to apply lash extensions. I want them to leave my class feeling confident that they are going to rock it. I decided to do a class in person being that it will help the students know what it is that they are doing wrong. Most students get discouraged or intimidated when taking a class online being that no one is there to let them know what it is that they are doing wrong. My lash style is clean, classy and effortlessly chic. I’m a very good listener and always know how to be empathetic with my students to understand what they are really looking for.




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